Hi, I’m Amy…


…and I bake in the ‘Burgh. That would be my hometown, the fine city of Pittsburgh, Pa., a city of beautiful architecture, proud industrial history, three rivers, more than 400 bridges, very successful sports teams, hardworking, friendly folks, and a spirit of innovation that consistently ranks it among the most livable in the United States.

I live in Pittsburgh’s North Hills with my husband Mike and our dog Millie. In our little kitchen, I bake with a basic oven and a standard-sized, 20-year-old Kitchen Aid mixer; I call her Mariska (pronounced MAURISH-ka), a good Hungarian name that would make my little Hungarian-born grandma Zella, may she rest in peace, very proud. Zella taught me a lot of what I know, but the rest I’ve learned through trial and error. I work in marketing, but I bake for fun, for creativity, and to find my Zen. I bake for Mike, for Millie, for my family and friends, for friends of friends who are having birthday parties and baby showers, for holidays and for Tuesdays. Full disclosure: I sometimes pretend I have my own baking show on Food Network and explain my ingredients and processes to Millie. She makes a great member of my studio audience.

Baking brings balance to my life, gives me a creative outlet, and lets me bring joy to others. Nothing quite compares to watching someone take that first bite of the cookie you’ve brought to the office, or the cupcake you make for the party. I also love writing, so blogging lets me combine two great passions. In my wildest dreams, I’ll have a cookbook, but for now, this will do just fine.

I hope you enjoy what you read here! If you bake something from this blog, please let me know how it turned out. Thank you for spending some time here.

-Amy Kozusko


Here, Mike and I stand at the top of the Pennsylvania memorial on the battlefield in Gettysburg. Mike and I met in 1996 (yes, we were just 19 at the time) at Frostburg State University in Maryland, and we’ve been together ever since.








IMG_3267And this is Millie, the World’s Sweetest Rottweiler-Lab mix, who enjoys eating homemade dog treats, barking at the mailman, chasing birds out of our back yard, and taking naps.


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